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I'm running an ASUS EEEPC 4G with Ubuntu Hardy. Neo works out of box (preferences -> keyboard, layout, add, layouts: Germany variants: neo). However, this is an old version of neo, with ö and ü and q, j, and x switched, etc, and I wanted to run the newest one. This turned out to be unexpectedly complicated; here are the necessary steps.

  1. Download the newest version of Neo - I used the instructions at http://wiki.neo-layout.org/wiki/Neo%20unter%20Linux%20einrichten/xkbmap, section "Aktuelle Version von Neo 2 (root-Rechte erforderlich)".
  2. At this point, setxkbmap is unusable, because loading any keymap fails with "Error loading new keyboard description". To fix this, replace the "base" file from xkb.tgz with the one from the xkb-sicherung.tgz created in step 1.
    mkdir tmp
    tar xvzf xkb-sicherung.tgz -C tmp
    #use su or sudo as you did in step 1.
    su -c 'cp tmp/xkb/rules/base /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/base'
    sudo cp tmp/xkb/rules/base /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/base
  3. Optionally, fix the user and group on the neo files under /usr/share/X11. They're user www-data group staff, rather than root:root.
  4. At this point, neo should almost work; check with
    setxkbmap de neo
    #if you want to switch back, and were previously using de, run the next line:
    setxkbmap de
  5. The only big problem left is that there is no yellow (level 4) key. The ASUS Eee PC 4g has a somewhat non-standard keyboard, so the left yellow key simply doesn't exist; worse, the right yellow key is mis-mapped as brown. The white (level 2 or shift) keys are normal; the brown (level 3) keys almost are, except that the right one is the one labeled # and is above, not left of, the enter key.
    1. For the right yellow key, alt-gr, the fix is simple. It's also transient; you may want to make it persistent, for instance by adding it to a file read by your shell when it starts, or modifying one of the keymap files.
      echo keycode 113 =  ISO_Level5_Shift > xmod
      xmodmap xmod
    2. For the left yellow key, I have no solution. It can be partially emulated by fn or fn-shift - which one depends on which key you want a yellow symbol for. Level 6 is unavailable through it.

PS: sorry for writing this in English.

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